About Us

  • Depth Gauges PDG-60

As an independently owned gauge manufacturer, Scubabest was established in 1997 and has been leading the way in the manufacturing of all kinds of SCUBA diving gauges and esprit devotes that display a successful combination of tradition and the modern age.
Scubabest is geared towards long-term, profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of our unique-designed product line with forward-looking products and services. Over the years, Our mission is to respond sales and production demands for customers and global markets.


2022 We launched the first-ever Dual Pressure & Depth gauge for Analog scuba gauge globally. This unique design is installed depth indication function to the pressure gauge and obtain a patent in the U.S. We pour our passion and skill perceptible to every small component.

Pat No:9639060

Our highly skilled technicians handcrafted our products and labelled them as high-quality craftsmanship, technical know-how, innovation, competence, and aesthetic values. We focus on details, and every single gauge is tested for accuracy.

Scubabest 25 years of experience drive excellent and high-quality products; we are the manufacturer and an OEM service provider. We swiftly and dynamically innovate to keep ahead in a rapidly changing world.